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2 months ago
Louise is absolutely wonderful. She is very calming and reassuring. I always feel so much better after a session with her and each time learn something new. Her therapy room is cosy and welcoming and location is convenient. I would highly recommend Louise.
- Wendy S
3 weeks ago
I find my healing sessions with Louise deeply healing. She intuitively knows exactly what I need on the day. I find Louise's energy gentle and nurturing, which is exactly what I need. Thank you Louise. I look forward to another session next week. 💖🥰
- Adele M
a year ago
Louise is a knowledgeable and truly gifted healer whom has become part of my life in the most positive way. I started Angelic Reiki healing with her 6 weeks ago and she has already made such a positive impact to my life. I really appreciate the time she takes to explain everything and gives brilliant advice for ways I can continue my journey at home. I honestly couldn't recommend highly enough. If you are even thinking about healing, just give it a go and you will be amazed. Thank you, Louise for your light and wisdom.
- Vikki f

About me. Treatments & Prices

Louise Young BSc, mANP, mGNC(assoc)

I am an experienced holistic healer, teacher, reflexologist, naturopathic nutritional therapist and spiritual/well-being mentor coach with over 20 years involvement in the world of natural healthcare. I am passionate about taking a personalised and holistic approach to well-being which empowers my clients supporting them on all levels, mind, body and soul.  My own experience of managing chronic health issues enables me to offer genuine empathy and a vast toolkit of knowledge on how to better achieve a happy, healthy and balanced life.  I have helped support people with a wide variety of health related issues including; stress, chronic fatigue, post covid, detoxification, anxiety, trauma, peri/menopause, poor sleep, cancer, improving nutrition and lifestyle choices, as well as guidance on spirituality.   For many decades I have taken a proactive and natural approach to my own health, well-being and spiritual path. The knowledge I have learnt means I can now support others on their journey.
I am qualified in a variety of healing modalities, naturopathic nutritional therapy and well-being coaching.  I also have a BSc specialising in Health Sciences along with numerous other qualifications in health, well-being, spiritual studies and certificates in counselling.  My on-going spiritual and personal development is extremely important to me, along with keeping at the forefront of health and well-being research. Some of my favourite people to follow are Nutrition & lifestyle medicine advocates Dr Chatterjee and Dr Aseem Malhorta; spiritual teachers Deepak Chopra & Eckhart Tolle and the inspirational Anita Moorjani, a cancer and near death experience survivor, spiritual author and speaker.

I practise from a beautiful, tranquil and private therapy room in West Byfleet with free off-street parking. Many appointments can also be done online.   

Angelic Reiki, 75 mins - £60 (£65 for initial consultation & treatment) 
A deeply relaxing, safe and non-invasive treatment that connects us to the Angelic Realm.  This 5th dimensional healing modality has a very beautiful and gentle energy, particular suitable for sensitive souls.  Therefore there are no contraindications to receiving this treatment.  

We always start with a thorough check in to see how the client is feeling.  During the treatment I use gentle touch which can include light pressure, brushing and lifting away any heavy energy that I feel. I also connect to the client's aura.  I can feel where the energy is blocked and work to release and rebalance this.  Healing works on the root cause of health issues, whether they be physical, emotional or mental, to support the body's natural ability to heal. During the treatment often helpful insights come to the client or myself which offer positive guidance.  

The treatment is performed on a massage couch and the client made to feel cozy and nurtured with blankets, pillows and gentle music.  Afterwards the client is gentle welcomed back and offered a glass of water.  We then have a short discussion about what came up for each of us.  This includes well-being or spiritual guidance to assist the client in positively moving forward with self empowerment.  My clients always report feeling deeply peaceful, nurtured and supported.  Most sleep really well that night and report a noticeable boost in energy.  Many sense a feeling of being lighter and more positive with increased resilient.  An Angel card is selected afterwards which my clients say are always helpful.

Rahanni Celestial Healing - £60, 75 mins (£65 for initial consultation & treatment)
Rahanni is a gentle hands on healing therapy which works on the vibration of the heart chakra.  It is a 5th dimensional healing modality which balances the chakras, helps to release negativity and fear from the heart centre and raises the client's vibration to promote natural healing.  As well a working at a physical level, it is particularly good at releasing past trauma or areas which are stuck from past experiences.  This helps the client to move forward into living the life they desire. Your body will decide how much of the Rahanni healing energy is required. You do not have to believe for it to work, just a desire to receive and accept the energy.  The Rahanni healing energy is powerful, therefore there are a few contraindications to receiving this treatment. Angel cards are offered afterwards and we have a short discussion/mentoring to help along their healing journey.  Clients report feeling deeply relaxed and emotional supported.

Learn to become a Rahanni Healing Practitioner:   Please email me for details.

Spiritual & Well-being Mentoring: £65/hour in person or remotely.
Whatever spirituality and healing means for you, the journey to fully understanding we are so much more than just a physical body is an incredibly exciting yet often confusing time, especially if nobody around us is sharing this experience.  My primary focus is to teach my clients self empowerment, self love and how to stay grounded in a busy materialistic society.  Everyone's journey is different, however discussing the various topics, experiences and feelings which may arise with a mentor can help make sense of this vast topic particularly at the beginning of one's journey.  Tools, techniques and knowledge to assist with healing on all levels; physical, emotional, mental and spiritual could include information on chakras, crystals, Angels, Ascended Masters, guides, help with meditating, past lives, soul groups, ascension, energy testing, detoxification, dowsing, as well as short guided meditations and healing which can be done in person or remotely.  A brief chat on the phone beforehand is recommended.  All sessions are tailored to need.

Master Colour Energy Healing - Can be done over the phone, video, or added to any treatment. Excellent for healing animals too who can lay with you during remote sessions.  (Price varies depending on treatment option)
This healing modality uses colour and the live voice of the practitioner to deliver this beautiful healing in a soothing guided meditation.  The healing comes directly from Divine Source through the Archangels and Ascended Masters.  During this high frequency healing the practitioner and client visualise the colours which heal all levels; physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  It has an extremely fine and pure vibration and colours used correspond with the energy vibration of the Archangels and Ascended Masters.  In Master Energy Colour Healing the light circulates through the etheric body and chakras; balancing, energising and restoring the whole person to perfect equilibrium.

Face Reflexology - The Bergman Method (incs scalp points and mini head massage) - £55 
A deeply relaxing, gentle and effective treatment to support health and well-being.  Face reflexology points lay close to the brain and connect directly to the body's neuro-pathways.  Excellent for balancing hormones, reducing headaches and addressing sleep issues.  Although this treatment is not a facial, techniques are used to help drain the facial lymphatic system reducing puffiness and adding a healthy glow to the skin. Gentle Indian Head massage techniques are also added to make this a truly blissful experience.

Healing with foot or face reflexology combo, approx 75 mins - £70
This popular treatment combines a beautiful relaxing healing treatment with reflexology.  The benefits of this are the channels for healing are kept open whilst the client is given approximately 20 minutes of reflexology towards the end of the session. This allows for the healing energy to continue during the reflexology deepening the benefits of the treatment.  Often insights I pick up during the healing are reflected on the reflex points of the feet.  All my clients say this beautiful combination treatment increases their relaxation and healing experience.

Naturopathic Nutritional Therapy - Prices start from £95. Contact me for package options.

I specialise in systemic detoxification to bring about healing/management of chronic fatigue, inflammation and toxic accumulation. I aim to get to the root cause of symptoms by initially taking a thorough case study taking time to listen to a patient and asking plenty of questions.  An individualised treatment plan includes a mind, body, soul approach where energy healing and testing is sometimes recommended to help release stuck energy which may be blocking the client moving forward. 

Areas I cover inc:- dietary and supplement recommendations, lifestyle and well-being advice.  Appointments are available in person and over Zoom.

Guided Zoom sessions using scientifically proven relaxation & stress reducing techniques to calm the mind and body.  Price upon application.  

Some treatments can be combined to suit your needs.

I am proud to be a member of the Association of Naturopathic Practitioners and The General Naturopathic Council.  

I am also a member of the People's Health Alliance 

I am fully insured with Balens Insurance.

I look forward to hearing from you.  EMAIL: 

Instagram @LouiseYoungHealth

Terms & Conditions: A 50% charge is required if a booking is cancelled within 24 hours unless a valid reason is given.

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